Making my parents proud

March 25, 2007

So I come from a retail family: my dad owned stationery stores most of my life and I worked there along with my three older sisters and my mom. Now that my parents are in their mid-late seventies, they have become strangely sentimental. When they drove out from Long Island to see the store last week for the first time, my dad just kept staring at all the books in amazement, saying he couldn’t believe I picked them all myself. Now he calls every few days to ask how it’s all going, and when I tell him that things have been great so far, he keeps repeating the same thing: “I can’t believe it. I’m so proud of you. You picked those books yourself, from all the millions of books that are published, and people are buying them.”

For someone with so many years of retail experience under his belt, you’d think that was a pretty simple concept, but he’s obviously tickled by it all. My mom tells me that he’s calling everyone and bragging, repeating the same thing to everyone, that he can’t believe people are actually buying the things I stock.

So for all of you that have shopped at my store, thanks, from me and my dad.


5 Responses to “Making my parents proud”

  1. coimbra Says:

    Congratulations! Looks beautiful. Will try to visit soon.

  2. Linda Says:

    Congratulations!! The store looks beautiful. And we miss you terribly here in Northport. We wish you all the very best! (How do we get there from here?)

  3. Kathy Davis Says:

    Greetings from Virginia,

    Congratulations on your opening! There’s something about the look of your store that makes me believe it will become a community institution. I bet you even have books on Italy!

    I hope KSB and I can visit some day soon.


  4. diane godlewski Says:

    Hi Guys, Just wishing you the very best, the shop looks wonderful and I absolutely love your sign/logo. Keep your parents proud!!

    P.S. I’m your mom’s friend

  5. Jen Cap Says:

    Jesus Christ – I just read this friggin’ post about your dad and I’m cryin’….

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