Huh? We’re confused, but we like publicity!

July 3, 2007

We’re not quite sure what the writer was trying to get across with this mention in today’s NY Magazine Daily Intelligencer, but we like it!


3 Responses to “Huh? We’re confused, but we like publicity!”

  1. Corey Says:

    I guess its the “Adult’s Only” part that made them so clever with their caption.

  2. Todd Says:

    I totally thought I was the only one to find this on the web, but you’re on it. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. I does sound a little dirty though.

  3. renkaplan Says:

    I read the item a dozen times and I must say, it beats me. But maybe it’s the beating that leads to the release party. Your handwriting led me to believe you were having a “release pasty.” in which i think a bump-and-grind is in order.

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