Harry Potter wrap-up

August 1, 2007

We have finally cooled off from the sweltering heat and crowds at our Harry Potter grown-up release party. The turnout surpassed our expectations by far, and we hope that all had fun despite the sauna-like atmosphere down in the basement. The trivia participants were troopers, enthusiastic and competitive despite the conditions, and every last drop of booze was consumed. That’s what I call a party! We did our best to get everyone their books as fast as possible, and by 12:25 the store was empty and readers were installed at local bars reading their copies voraciously. Here is just one pic of what the crowd downstairs looked like at its densest:

We have posted all the pics on our flickr site, so please check them out.

Thanks to all the Greenpointers who helped us sell 260 books and counting, and thanks again to our neighbors who donated awesome raffle giveaways, namely Alter, Dalaga, Permanent Records, Greenpoint Coffee House, Casa Mon Amour, Brooklyn Label, Zoe’s Beauty Supply, and a special thanks to Jack O’Neill’s for the awesome sangria.


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