I’ve missed you!

September 26, 2007

To the THRONGS of people who read this blog, I’m sorry I’ve been so elusive lately. I’ve been seriously busy getting the store ready for all its October fabulousness, including five–count ’em, FIVE!–book clubs, three amazing events (Mo Willems, the American Heritage Define-a-Thon and David Rees) and a major renovation of the store’s shelves and layout. Moleskines have finally arrived (whew, no more disappointed Moleskine fanatics!) and believe it or not, calendars and holiday cards are being received into inventory and waiting in the wings to be displayed. It’s crazy.

Last weekend we went to the Brooklyn Book Festival and had a great time meeting people and watching authors read and discuss their books. It was a book-lover’s paradise. We also watched a Define-a-Thon in action which was a total blast, and met the authors behind Brooklynites, another great event we will be hosting here at WORD on November 6th.  I will post pics from the festival as well as some photos of the store’s new look on my flickr site.

Hope you can stop in for a visit soon and check out all we’ve got going on!


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