Yikes! Parking on Franklin Street can be dangerous

June 14, 2008

A while back I parked my car across the street from the store on the corner of Milton Street where it meets Franklin. I found that my driver side mirror was completely smashed on on the ground, and a nice scratch was down the side of my car. Since then, I’ve seen several cars get mangled on that corner, usually from huge trucks backing up to make the turn onto Franklin and plowing into whatever is behind them. But the other night when I was riding my bike home past Diamond Bar, I saw the worst bashing yet. This jeep was hit so hard it landed half on the sidewalk! I don’t know if the culprit was a truck or if they stopped to leave information, but the pictures show the resulting damage.


One Response to “Yikes! Parking on Franklin Street can be dangerous”

  1. Kai B Says:

    Amen to that. I’ve had a minor sideswipe and what looked like a bullet hole (probably a pebble) through my mirror. I’ve still been risking it over the parking damage usually attained on the residential streets (bumper bashing).

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