HELP! I’m looking for…a new feature at WORD

March 21, 2009

There are a lot of things that are fun about working in a bookstore, and one is the following scenario.

An adult walks into the store.  He or she walks trepidaciously towards the children’s section.  Looks around.  Hesitates.  Looks a little more.  Walks up to the counter.  Looks sheepish.  Dollars to donuts the first word out of his or her mouth is HELP!

And why not? Children’s books are tricky enough to keep on top of even when you love them and sell them all day.  So we’re starting a new feature online and in the store.

HELP! I’m looking for…

WORD’s suggestions for frequently asked questions.

There are certain types of books that people are asking about over and over.  So, sort of like our staff picks program, we’ll answer those questions with the books we would hand you if you came up to the desk and asked.  Many questions have more than one answer, so we might post multiple answers over time.  But for now, this is what we’re starting with:


HELP! I’m looking for a gift for a baby shower!

Sounds like you need one or multiple board books by Sandra Boynton.  They’re the exact right amount of silly and will withstand the worst of teething.  And they’re very easy to wrap (although, of course, when you buy them here, we wrap them free of charge).


HELP! I’m looking for a birthday present for a kindergartener!

What you’re looking for is a great read-aloud.  The parents will be busy buying super-educational presents, so let’s give the kid a break and give them something just for fun.  Right now we’re pretty into Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall’s Meet Wild Boars, a book about some atrociously-behaved wild boars who, should you ever meet in person, you should basically run away from.


HELP! I’m looking for a book for an 11-year-old who loves to read!

Man, the list could be a mile long!  But we’re going to recommend The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.  It’s got enough little jokes that you have to read it multiple times to find all of them—and luckily enough, the book only improves with age. 


HELP!  I’m looking for something for a teenager that isn’t Twilight!

We applaud you! Try out Pure, by Terra Elan McVoy.  We’re not just recommending it because she’s coming for an event soon, either.  It’s a fantastic book about friends, figuring out what you believe in, and the many pressures teenage girls face.


What can we help YOU with?


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