Stationery swap this Sunday

April 22, 2009

Hey, you!  Yeah, you, the one with the addiction to cute cards.  You know you have a problem.  You buy boxes of cards, but then only use half of them.  You hoard cards because they’re cute with the excuse, “well, I’ll want to use it for so-and-so’s birthday next year.”  But then you forget that you bought it because you have so many cards socked away.  You’ve made public promises not to buy any more stationery until you use what you already have, but that doesn’t stop you, oh no.  It just means you sneak the new stationery home in the bottom of your bag.

We understand, and we’re here to help.

We’re probably part of the problem.  Normally, we’re pushers of letterpress, and cute cards, and cards with rude stick figure characters, and some that bloom into wildflowers when planted. Cards with the skyline of Manhattan, with ice cream sandwiches, with fangs, with owls, with curse words, with WTF and OMG on the front.  How can you resist?  You can’t, unfortunately (for you).

But not this Sunday.  This Sunday, we want to make your life easier with our first ever STATIONERY SWAP!

It’s easy.  Bring the stationery that you’ve fallen out of love with, the half-used boxes, the cards that you can’t remember why you bought them anymore. Come down to our basement between noon and 3pm.  Leave your castaways and look through those of fellow addicts.  A simple way to rejuvenate your collection without spending a dime!

If you want to drop off unwanted cards for the swap but can’t make it on Sunday, feel free to drop them by the store anytime we’re open this week.  Otherwise, see you Sunday!


One Response to “Stationery swap this Sunday”

  1. Janet Geddis Says:

    This is something I’ve dreamt of hosting at my own house! Maybe once my store is up and running I’ll do it there instead.

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