Not just interesting, but enriching too

April 30, 2009

WORD got a lovely mention from Michael Tyrell in the NYT’s City Room blog today in a column he wrote about poetry in Brooklyn. In response to a question about venues for poetry readings in Brooklyn, among other things, he wrote:

“Finally, it would be worth your while to check out local bookstores in particular Brooklyn neighborhoods; some, like WORD in Greenpoint, have interesting and enriching programs.”

We think that’s the best part of the post, but if you’re looking for more information on poetry in Brooklyn and some fantastic answers about Brooklyn and writing in general, do read the whole thing.  And if you’re interested in the book Tyrell co-edited, Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn, stop by WORD and check it out.  We love it enough that it’s on display on top of the NYC section (and it was before today’s nod!)

Here’s a small bookish sample from Broken Land, from the end of “Dead Morning in Brooklyn Heights,” written by Maurice Kenny in 1979.

“Every morning Norman Mailer tramps down Clark St.

To the subway at the St. George Hotel to office.

His secretaries do not write his novels.

Even pimps ply their trade on the street below;

Pigeons bloom on crumbs in the gutters,

And the dead have labored at dying.”


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