WORD matchmaking begins

July 10, 2009


That’s right, ladies and gents. Get your literary dealbreakers all sorted out and head down to WORD to finally meet your literary soulmate!

May we offer ourselves up as a good place to meet up before your first date? Nice, well-lit place to make sure your future beloved is just as cool as his or her taste in books would suggest.



7 Responses to “WORD matchmaking begins”

  1. Bianca Says:

    How very “Once and Again” of you! Tse, tse…copycats!

    ; )

    P.S. It’s OK. Used to be my favorite show, too…

    • Word Says:

      Ha, I didn’t think anyone remembered that show but me! In all honestly, Stephanie thought of it herself with no knowledge of the show (she’s way too young), but I’m glad you noticed the connection. ;-)

  2. B Says:

    How’s it working? Love the “new” idea for a dating service!

  3. […] a tidy cork board at a smart bookstore in Greenpoint there is a small sign, it reads “Between the Covers – A Matchmaking Service for Book Lovers.” Below are […]

  4. M. Hinds Says:

    (That’s not my website but my novels are sold on it.)

    This seems interesting. So when’s the next mixer?

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