What’s in the WORD Window?

July 14, 2009

Have you seen the “Summer Reading” display in our window? It was created by the local collaborative group Hit Factorie, in partnership with the G-Train Salon – a series of emerging artists exhibits showcased near G Train subway stops!

Hit Factorie’s designs are inspired by immediacy, creating one Hit Book in one day. For “Summer Reading”, they  produced a visual ode to summer literature, this time using the Hit Book they created to decorate several mannequins with bathing suits and tattoos inspired by reading and books. Here’s a quick look at how “Summer Reading” was created, from start to finish:





More photos of the creation process and finished installation can be seen here and here. (Thanks to Brock Shorno for the pictures!) You can learn more about Hit Factorie and the cool things they do at the G-Train Salon Reception we’ll be hosting at WORD on Thursday, July 23 from 7-9 pm. The Hit Factorie crew will discuss their process and create an inspired “Hit-Object” in collaboration with the audience. There will also be a small display of previous Hit Books that the group has made. You can see an archive here. Hope you can make it out for what is sure to be a fun interactive evening! (Facebook users can RSVP here.)


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