WORD Literary Fantasy Football!

September 1, 2009

Do you know me?

1939: Jack Kerouac cracks his tibia as the running back for Columbia University.

1963: George Plimpton tries out as quarterback for the Detroit Lions and is nearly pummeled to death.

1972: Don DeLillo publishes End Zone to mixed reviews.

2010: You become the first ever WORD Fantasy Football League Champion.

Yes, from the people who brought you the WORD basketball league comes a sport so easy you can play from your couch.

How can you make this fantasy a reality? If you’re a reader who also knows who the guy pictured to the left is and why he matters, and can be available for a few hours one night sometime between now and Sep 10th for a live draft, then email the Commish.  In the tradition of the real-life WORD basketball league, you must include a literary team name, i.e. Ernest Two-a-day (if you don’t get that then you should move along. Nothing to see here.)  Did we mention the league champion will win a $50 gift certificate to WORD?  Well, you will.


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