Still time to sign up for Literary Fantasy Football!

September 4, 2009

Have you emailed the WORD Literary Fantasy Football Commissioner yet? There’s still time—the draft will be Tuesday, September 8, 7pm at WORD (or you can draft online if you can’t make it to the store).

Here are some of the awesome names suggested so far:

2666 All-Purpose Yards
Moby Vick
The Lombardi Code
F Larry Fitzgerald
A Farewell to Stiff Arms
The Man in the Iron Facemask
The Lord of the Super Bowl Rings
The Maltese Falcons
The Receiver in the Rye
The Punt Also Rises
I-Formation Claudius
The Heart is a Lonely Punter
The Linebacker’s Guide to the Galaxy


One Response to “Still time to sign up for Literary Fantasy Football!”

  1. […] Vol. 1 suggests a name for WORD Brooklyn’s fantasy football league Jump to Comments We labored long and hard trying to figure this out, but at the suggestion of WORD Brooklyn, we have finally thought of a name for their literary fantasy football league. […]

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