Greenpoint soup swap at WORD

January 13, 2010

Are you starting to feel it? The sun sets before 5pm. You have to wear a hat everywhere, even indoors a lot of the time. You are finding yourself wondering if August was really as bad as everybody said. It is that sad time of the year when ice cream loses its appeal. There is only one thing that can save us from the pits of despondency and vitamin D deficiency.


Photo by flickr user Pabo76.

That’s right! Soup, soup of all kinds. Veggie, egg drop, chili, lentil, three bean, Italian meatball, tomato, borscht, chicken noodle, miso…obviously, I could go on for awhile. But I won’t, because even better than soup is when other people make it for you. And that’s why WORD is hosting:


Next Saturday, January 23 is the fourth National Soup Swap Day, and we’re going to get Greenpoint in on the action. The concept of a soup swap is simple: you bring six one-quart containers of the same homemade soup, preferably one that freezes well. You leave with six different kinds of homemade soup made by other attendees. Easy as pie…er, soup!

The fun starts at 2pm on 1/23 in the WORD basement, and there’s only one requirement (aside from the bringing 6 quarts of soup part): you must, MUST RSVP to by 1/22 in order to attend. So crack open your How to Cook Everything and RSVP today!


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