WORD basketball league’s favorite bookstores

April 9, 2010

As the WORD basketball league prepares for their second season, we thought we’d share the infamous literary quiz that all players had to pass in order to play.  Shouldn’t be too hard for you book nerds.

(And before anyone emails or comments to ask: no, sorry, we are closed to new players at this point. Keep an eye out for next year’s league!)

1. Name one Kurt Vonnegut novel.

2. Who wrote Great Expectations?

3. The Odyssey is a sequel to what?

4. Name a poet. Any poet.

5. What is your favorite bookstore?

Players were given instructions that there was more than one answer to the fifth question, even though they were sitting in WORD’s basement when they took the quiz. As such, the list of bookstores named reads like a Who’s Who of great bookstores. We thought we’d share it here in case anyone needed a list of bookstores to visit.

Thankfully, WORD got many votes. (We love you too!) Coming in second was The Strand. Third was a tie between Idlewild Books and Spoonbill & Sugartown.

Other NYC bookstores making the list:

(Might have been easier just to link to the list on the IBNYC’s website.)

Owing to the peripatetic nature of NYC residents, the list for bookstores outside NYC is even longer:

There was also a mention of gleebooks, in Australia, and the NYPL and BPL, which did not qualify as correct answers owing to them not being bookstores, but were accepted because they are awesome.


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