Just one week until you meet the love of your life

June 10, 2010

That’s right, this time next week you should be prettying up and getting ready for WORD’s Prom Night Literary Matchmaking Mixer!

To get in the mood, here’s a heartwarming story from our last matchmaking mixer, from an anonymous attendee:

“I went to WORD’s literary mixer in January expecting to find a bar full half full of females and half empty, but my friend had asked me to go along as her wingman and at worst I figured we would enjoy a drink and each other’s company, and maybe flirt with the bartender. Surprise: the place was packed with interesting females and males alike. I’d never been to a singles mixer before, and noticed immediately how easy it was to start conversations–after all, everybody was there to meet people, so one needed only make eye contact to initiate conversation. My friend exchanged numbers with three or four guys that night, and I with one, a boy who turned into a fun month-long fling, exactly what I wanted at the time. There was another guy I met that night, who I later kept running into in my neighborhood. Happy ending: we fell in love. As if WORD weren’t already the best bookstore in NYC….”


Want to prepare? There’s still time to submit your Worst Prom Story. Send it to info at wordbrooklyn dot com by Tuesday the 15th—the winner will be announced at the event.

Otherwise, we’ll see you in a week for drink specials, two guest authors (Virginia Vitzthum, My Blind Date Went Blind, and Erin Bradley, Every Rose Has Its Thorn), and, of course, romance. Facebook RSVP here (appreciated but not required).


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