The WORD on: Google E-books

December 19, 2010

All the staff are taking turns buying and reading a Google e-book, so that we know the ins and outs and can help customers with any questions! First up is owner Christine Onorati:

My first eBook purchase was Bad Marie by Marcy Dermansky. I found the process of purchasing the e-book from our site very easy and intuitive. I had to link my Google eBooks account to my WORD account the first time and it was a simple process. I read the book mostly on my husband’s iPad, and I’m really enjoying that experience because the pages are pretty much the same size as the physical book pages. I also have read it on my laptop through the Google Reader, as well as on my iPod Touch. The iPad is still my favorite method. I would definitely purchase another eBook when I’m finished with this one.


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